The One Secret About This Master Suite Remodel Making It Luxurious


The One Secret About This Master Suite Remodel Making It Luxurious

We finished this master bedroom suite remodel and decoration on Friday afternoon. My team and I were all hot and sweaty. When our busy professional clients got held up at work and couldn’t be at the final reveal, we were a little glad. It felt disappointing, but every bone in my body ached. I was ready to head home for a refreshing shower.  

I didn’t get a call, text, or email all weekend and began to get worried.

Did they like it?

Were there problems?

I heard from them Monday morning, and they said, “we felt like we spent the weekend in a luxury hotel and didn’t leave the house!” 

Whew! The best review ever. 

This master suite interior design and remodel turned out so well because my clients trusted my design. They let me incorporate so many daring design elements, that most of my clients won’t do. This one thing made all the difference.

Here’s what is so special about this Master Suite Remodel project. 


Before Situation and Goal

She had gotten a new headboard and bedding for the master bedroom but was having trouble bringing it all together. She called us in to help finish out the bedroom. They also decided it was time to update the bathroom.

The layout of their bathroom worked well, but the finishes had seen better days. The aesthetic was dark browns and oranges and felt heavy and dark.  They wanted their Master Suite to feel bright, fresh, and updated. 

In the bedroom portion of the suite, they wanted to replace the carpet, but weren’t sure what material to use. The room needed new paint and some new furniture. We suggested a resilient flooring material, update the faux Venetian plaster look paint on the walls and filling in their existing furniture with a few select pieces. 

The Process

We know this client well and love their beautiful family of four plus two Labrador dogs (one yellow and one black). We’d designed their family room, living room, and front courtyard, so we are familiar with their ethos.

We jumped right in to creating three Design Concepts for their Master Suite Remodel. 

Over a Zoom call (this was at the height of the state stay at home orders), we went over the design concepts and proposed finishes. We had delivered a box with the finishes (flooring, tile, stone, rugs, paint, wallpaper, and fabric) prior to the call and gave them time to mull them over.  

We met in person with our client later and together we were able to pick and choose options from each concept and condense it down into one glorious design. 


Next all the purchase orders and work requisitions were placed. Once we had all the materials in hand, we began demolition and made quick work of the construction phase of this Master Suite Remodel. The entire project lasted about 5 weeks.  

Along the way, they decided to add an outdoor shower which was easy because the plumbing to the shower in the bathroom was adjacent to where the new outdoor shower was installed. While the walls were open our carpenter, plumber, and electrician stubbed in the necessary roughs. 


Because I am so meticulous with details and schedules everything went without major hitches. We wanted to put the marble on the ceiling of the shower, but the opening was too narrow for the slab to fit.  We decided to continue the tile up the wall to the lid. This, in the end, makes a dramatic statement and was what we call “a happy mistake,” 

There is always something that doesn’t or cannot go as planned, but we are able to design a good solution. 


Master Suite Remodel Final Reveal

The vanity cabinetry was in good condition, and we all liked the wood finish and decided to keep it as is. We discussed replacing or repainting, but we felt the warm wood was beautiful and added a natural element so essential in all rooms.


The built-in water jetted tub had to go. It was only used a few times in the past years, took up a lot of space and was just plan ugly. We opted for a freestanding air jetted tub.

An air jetted tub is much more sanitary than water jetted tubs. This is because the air pushes any left-over water out of the tubes, leaving them dry and clean (no stagnant water or moisture to grow mold and bacteria). Our clients are a family of athletes and the therapeutic nature of the air jets will work well for them (I hear it is popular with the whole family). 


Adding wallpaper in bathrooms is one of our favorite things. We were excited when our client was enthusiastic about our suggested wallpaper selections. There is an arch over the vanity mirror. We accentuated it with wallpaper that coordinates with the wallpaper around the tub alcove. 

Because we selected waterproof resilient flooring for the bedroom, we were able to continue it into the bathroom, which gives the whole suite a sense of continuity, 


Our tile installer did a fantastic job of applying Encaustic style tile the shower on one wall and the ceiling. The pattern is in keeping with the Mediterranean architecture of the home. This is one of those showers where our clients will be inviting guests to see their gorgeous shower (how often does that happen?!).

Happy Clients

Our projects include a daily updated construction schedule so everyone on the team knows what is happening and who’s up next. We go to the jobsite each morning to give instructions to the tradesman. We conclude each evening with another visit to check on the progress. 

Our clients get a text message each day letting them know the progress and who will be at their home.  This client felt confident we were taking care of everything. They didn’t need to worry. 


This homeowner is so happy with their new Master Suite Remodel. It looks luxurious and feels bright and airy. Head over to the Portfolio for more images of this remodel.

If you’re ready for you own transformation, I’d like to help. Schedule a Discovery Call [link] and we can chat for 30 minutes about your home remodeling sorrows. 


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