What are you Willing to Do for a Comfortable Couch

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What are you Willing to Do for a Comfortable Couch

She Had to Get Rid of It Because It Didn’t Fit in the Room

I recently saw a post in Facebook Marketplace for a brand-new sectional. Not unusual really, but the reason she had to sell it was so sad.

She had it custom made, waited 12 weeks to get it and then it didn’t fit! The sectional came from a big box discount furniture store and I wasn’t surprised because I get phone calls like this ALL. THE. TIME.

“I have to keep returning things because it doesn’t fit.”

“Nothing in the stores looks like what I want!”

“My furniture doesn’t last more than a few years.”

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I’ve heard these comments (and many more) over the years, which is why I specialize in custom upholstered furniture. Whether you have a unique design need or want a heightened sense of style for your home, you’ll find so many more ways to furnish your home through custom avenues.

 If you’re curious about selecting and ordering custom upholstered furniture and want more explanation as to what you can expect, I dispel all your worries about custom upholstered furniture.

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“How do I know if I will like a couch if I can’t see it?” 

Most people have trouble visualizing something they can’t see. I will give you sketches, illustrations, and other graphics to “show” you what it will look like.

The best part is, together we will select:

  • Size – Got an odd shaped room? We can customize the size so you know it will fit. In fact we’ll create a schematic layout of your whole room and layout the pieces to the exact scale, so you know for sure it will fit. No more returning the wrong sized furniture (or heaven forbid, trying to resell it on Facebook Marketplace).

  • Cushions – You can choose the cushions you want. So if you want three cushions, two cushions, or one long cushion, you can have it. Do you like a T-Cushion or Straight Cushion (don’t know what that means – no worries we show you an illustrations)? You also get to decide if you need a standard depth seat or an extended depth seat (perfect for my guys that are over 6 feet tall)

  • Arms – How do you want the arms? There are seven styles to choose from so if you are a traditional gal and want a shirred panel rolled arm – no problem. But on the other hand if you are a minimalist guy and want a straight no fuss tract arm – we do that too.

  • Backs – The backs cushions can be loose or tight (which means attached to the back). And the edge is selected as well from a loose knife edge to a straight square back. It all depends on the look and feel you want for your couch or chair.

  • Base – Lastly we will select the base. Maybe you prefer a nice dressmaker type skirt or you would rather have a bun foot?

  • Fabric and Leather – And the fun part is selecting fabric. We have fabrics to fit all styles of homes and all types of uses. For example, if your home has young children or pets, we will help you select a fabric that will suit your needs and wear well.

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“I can find a cheaper couch elsewhere.”

This may sound counterintuitive, but custom-made couches and chairs actually cost less than ready-made pieces.

  • Quality – The quality is always better than mass-produced furniture. The frames will be made from the best products and construction techniques. The springs are eight-gauge quality and eight-way hand tied supported by resin coated steel webbing. This combination of the frame detail means you never have to worry about squeaky or sagging frames.

  • Value – You can think more about long-term value instead of short-term costs. Your custom furniture will last longer. In fact, our custom-made upholstered furniture will be in your family for generations.

  • No Risk – There is no risk you’ll end up trading in your couch or chair for a piece you like better because you’re getting exactly what you want. One purchase saves you time and money.

  • Save the Planet – By not replacing your furniture so often you will be environmentally conscious because your old discarded furniture (that is poorly constructed or didn’t fit your room) will not end up in a landfill.

  • Shop Local – Your purchase of custom-made furniture supports local business, supports local economy and keeps production in America.

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“How do I know if I will like a couch if I can’t sit on it?”

Since your couch is custom-made, obviously you can’t sit on it, but I’ve sat on all of them.

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As a designer I have spent years searching and researching furniture manufacturers. I travel to wholesale markets and visit manufacturing plants to make sure you get the best quality.

I’ve sat on them and I’ve sat in them (this is an important distinction and I’ll tell you why when we are designing your couch together).

I’ve touched, prodded, turned over and picked up so many sofas and chairs in the past 12 years. Because of my hands-on research, I know I have the best couch and chairs for you.

After I get to know you a little better, I will know which style will feel the best to you.  But just in case, I have several samples on the showroom floor to test out. It won’t be exactly what we design, but you’ll get a feel for how they sit and constructed.

When most people go furniture shopping, they automatically head to RC Wiley, IKEA or Pottery Barn. Before you check out all the “cookie-cutter” furniture, considering purchasing custom made furniture, so you can get the quality you’re looking for and the personal style you desire. I know I like getting exactly what I want and you can too.

I’ll help you make long-term furniture design decisions that can transition from kid-proof to adult-worthy. Come shop at The Shoppe at KTJ Design Co and learn about all the benefits of custom upholstery.


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